Car Maintenance Advices

First you pay for it. Than you care for it. Than it grows on you and you give it a name. And then you love it and treat it like a part of family. owning a car is a great tradition and many people grow up with one car, it being a landmark for a certain part of their life. And all those people try to do best with their cars. So here are some inside tips from a car pro, on how to keep your car in the best shape!

oil-change-serviceOil – keep it smooth, keep it good. Regularly changing the oil and filters in your engine will give it years and percents to performance you need so much. And if you don’t – you won’t be cut short for the bonus, you will break your engine and kill it before time. Regular oil change is a habit you better get into since the first day you start tending your car. It will save you so much money and resources!

Engine_coolantCooling – often completely missed or disregarded step is the cooling system cleaning. Cooler cools your engine and without it your drives will be short and tiresome, your engine will get damaged and it’s an actual life hazard as engine can explode if it overheats. So, cleaning the cooling system by draining the old juice and filling it anew with 50% distilled water and 50% coolant mix once a year is a best favor you can do to your car.

Set linked metal gears in car transmissionTransmission – take good care of your gear box, it’s fairly easy to do it and it doesn’t have to be done on the regular basis. It should go without saying that you should be careful with gears, but what might need a little reminding is the fact that oiling up the gearbox is something you need to do. Not to often, but every service time is good. Using the proper oil for the transmission is also important, as you don’t want to use anything down there.

15fbc98c8afa121bf844c4300e26e7d8xBody – keeping a clean car is something you are already doing, it goes without saying that a dirty car is both visually unappealing and potential disaster waiting to happen as it corrodes your paint and body. But, you might not have considered washing under your car every time you wash it. In warm weather, there are all kinds of dirt and grime that can get under your car and in the winter, the salt that is used to stop the ice forming on the road can eat your paint and metal like it’s paper if you let it collect.

changing-car-oil-filterLubrication – if you are not sure weather some parts of your car should be greased or not – ask your self one question: are they mobile? because, if they are moving, have joints or similar, they need oil. Metal and plastic are both hard and need lubrication in order to work, so have no fear lubricating everything that moves, it’s a good thing.

Beyond – Even when you do take proper care of your vehicle, there will be repairs needed. We suggest that you look into extended auto warranty companies to help offset the costs of the repairs. They provide a service similar that takes over where the manufacturer warranties end.

How to protect your car better

Auto Super Shield by Jonathon Ziegelman

If you are anything like me, you are always tinkering and improving your vehicle, spending much of your free time polishing it and making it perfect only to one day leave it to your son. Or, you might be more like my son, not knowing anything about car, and waiting to get the birthday present of your dreams soon. Either way, you will need to know or teach someone how to best take care of the car once he starts owning it. So, how?

wax-car-with-bufferWax – this one is especially easy for the ones whose kids are into surfing: same principle applies to the car, waxing is the best protection your paint can get. So get him started, give him something to do from an early age and have your car always be shiny and slick. Or, if it’s you in charge of the car, know that the twice a year waxing is mandatory if you want to have a shiny car. So let it gleam on the sun, protected from all elements and preserved for beauty.

New-Carbon-Nano-Lubricant-for-Auto-Engines-2Lubrication – metal grinding on metal is not a good thing. Be it suspension or u-joints on your driveway, they need to be lubricated in order to function right and have a long lasting life. Getting into the habit of lubricating the moving parts in your car will give you a longer lasting vehicle and better working parts making you happy for a long time.

Autoglym__interior_2564407kInterior – just as anything on the outside, you want to protect your interior and make it look as good as possible. Parking in the shade is a great choice if you don’t have shades already, as Sun’s harmful rays can bleach the colors of the leather and plastic after some time. Also, applying preservation coat against the UV light every now and then is a good thing to do. Cleaning, vacuuming and avoiding drink and food inside the car is a plus, of course.

155076-350x232-clean-car-interiorSteering wheel – often forgotten and disregarded, the steering wheel is so often not maintained at all. And that can lead to very expensive costs to your wallet, as the hub fix is not a cheap one. And you can prevent all of that by applying simple wheel grease every once in a while. Process is quick and painless, grease is inexpensive and you need minimum equipment so there should really be no excuses there.

how-to-check-brake-fluid-1Breaking fluid – it seems like the every fluid in your car gets mentioned, and it’s like that for a reason. Changing the braking fluid once a year can save you a world of trouble. old breaking fluid will get more moisture, due to the nature of that fluid, and extra moisture will corrode your parts. So, what is cheaper, a little bit of breaking fluid or new calipers? Your call.